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European Conference of Good-Practices Transfer

“Developing a culture of co-operation and partnership

for the correct  and transparent use of EU Funds in Romania”

Bucharest, Casa Radio Romania - 22 May 2008


event organised by

EUROLINK-House of Europe

under the aegis of  

Platform for Action and Rapid Intervention of the Civil Society in favour of

stimulating the absorption of European Funds



 chaired by

President of GRECO (Group of States against Corruption), Mr. Drago KOS


in partnership with




 Radio Romania Foundation

Invited Institutions: 

   Public Ministry – National Anti-Corruption Directorate

   Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform - Anti-Corruption General Directorate

   Ministry of Justice - Directorate for the Relation with the Public Ministry and for preventing the Fraud and Corruption

   Directorate of Fight against Corruption of the Romanian Government

   Prime Minister Cabinet – Regional Development and Structural Funds Department

   Audit Authority

   National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement (ANRMAP)

   National Council for Solving Contestations (CNSC)


Other institutional partners:

Romanian Donors Forum

Synergetica Foundation



Businessmen's Association of Romania


  Romanian Union of Liberal Professions


At this stage, Romania, as a new Member State, is fully engaged within the second year of the absorbtion process of the European Funds for the programming period 2007-2013. For all involved actors, this process represents a quite new and challenging experience, which will test four different types of EU culture: of trans-sectoral partnership, of the inter-coomunication and co-operation; of the project management consultancy and of accuracy, transparency and accountability within the implementation of complex projects co-financed from EU Funds.  


Thanks to the kind support of the President of GRECO (Group of States against Corruption of the Council of Europe), Mr. Drago KOS, the deployment of such a project, in co-operation with DBB Akademie and Radio Romania Foundation, would be able to contribute to a better understanding of the previous experience of other Member States and organisations in ensuring a performant and correct use of EU funds and to a know-how transfer of good practices in generating a structured consultative dialogue and a relevant network between the various involved protagonists, aimed to prevent the irregularities, fraud and corruption in the implementation process.




  • to consolidate the concrete competences of the various participants in order to ensure a regular, functional and transparent implementation of the absorbtion process of the Structural Funds in Romania

  • to increase the public awareness regarding the need for specialised internal/external monitoring, controlling, evaluation and risk management of projects

  • to create a better inter-communication and networking system between the various involved partners in the administration and project management process.



  • experts, assesors and evaluators from Management Authorities and Intermediary Bodies

  • representatives of public and private beneficiaries of funds

  • representatives of social partners and NGO sector involved in the parallel monitoring and evaluation of the sectoral operational programs. 


Conference languages: Romanian and English.




International Press Center - Casa Radio Romania - Str. General Berthelot nr 60-64

("Mihail Jora" Concert Hall entrance)



   Agenda of the event


   List of guests




Other projects in 2007:

More information



for Sistematic Training for Experts and Consultants in Structural Funds

After January 2007, attaining and absorbing Structural Funds is going to be the most chalenging task for the public administration, the business enviroment, farmers and the non-governmental sector in Romania.

The first joint initiative of the academic and civil society is represented by the Foundation EUROLINK-House of Europe and Romanian University of Science and Arts "Gheorghe Cristea" and amongst its purposes are to form the future experts in the management of Structural and Cohesion Funds for central and intermediate authorities, consolidate the expertise of the actual experts and to initiate the consultancy firms.

The training options are:

   1.    Intensive training modules - specialized training modules (one day and a half);

   2.   Medium training programs - postuniversitary lectures to form the consultants and experts in attaining and absorbing the Structural Funds;


   3.   Master Program Europeam Economic Integration - long term specialization for experts and consultants in the management of Structural and Cohesion Funds.


The National Program for Sistematic Training for Experts and Consultants in Structural Funds is part of an Action Plan to stimulate the absorbtion of Structural Funds that has four parts; the other three are:

  • Monitoring, assesing and comunicating the activity of the central and local authorities about the implementation of the strategy to attain Structural Funds;

  • “EUROLINK” National Network of Information an Counseling Points on the management and assesing the structural funds;

  • Consortium for strategy and consultancy "European Funds for Romanians (EFR)"

For conformity,


Secretariat of “EUROLINK” House of Europe

Tel/fax: (021) 230 49 97



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before the Accession of Romania to the European Union”

European Conference - Constanta, 7-10 October 2004                                                                     See more 
under the Honorary Patronage of
Mr. Mario Monti, the Competition Commissioner of European Commission and Mr. Mihai Berinde, the President of the Competition Council of Romania

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