HOME - description of the CEFTAC Platform

PROJECT HISTORY - description of the project

PARTNERS - the Official Partners and Sponsors of the CEFTAC Platform

CONFERENCE - event organised in Constanta, 7-10 October 2004

EUROPEAN SEMINARS - present and past events organised by the CEFTAC Platform

     Gala of the CEFTAC Platform - second edition (Bucharest, 18 May 2006)
     Information and Training Session on Structural Funds (Timisoara, 24 March 2006)
     Competition and Competitiveness Days in Romania (Bucharest, 3-4 November 2005)
     Agenda - Competition and Competitiveness Days in Romania - download (Word format, 59 KB)
     Public Debate (Bucharest, 30 November 2005)
     Training Seminar (Mamaia, 19-21 May 2005)
     European Seminar (Bucharest, 7 March 2005)
     European Conference (Constanta, 7-10 October 2004)

TROPHIES - the editions of awarding the CEFTAC Trophies and Diplomas of Excellence

SPECIAL REPORT - synthesis of recommendations following the European Conference

     Special Report - download (Word format, 578 KB)
     Evaluation Report - download (Word format, 388 KB)

LOBBY OFFICE - project regarding the representation of interests to Brussels

     Study Visits / Training Sessions in Brussels - permanent program of the Lobby Office
     Description & technical details: Study-visits in Brussels - download (Word format, 161 KB)
     Detalied program - Study Visit, session December 2005 - download (Word format, 46 KB)

NEWS - presentation of on-going and up-coming events

     Press Releases - archieve of press statements of the CEFTAC Platform
     Newsletter - news on competition

CEE FORUM - an open and inter-active area for discussions


   Contributions - short articles and replies from the members of the CEFTAC Platform

ADVICE - orientations and essential legal recommendations

GOOD PRACTICES - promotion of best practices and exchanges of experience

SUCCESS STORIES - presentation of prevention policies of the unfair competition

HOSPITALITY - presentation of the Hospitality Centre  

LINKS - useful links to competition sites

CONTACTS - contact details on the Coordinating Committee

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