The Lobby Office represents a non-profit department of the EUROLINK House of Europe Foundation in Romania, founded as such in March 2005, in view of the EU accession of Romania, and developed under the aegis of the CEFTAC Platform. Nevertheless, our previous experience in lobby activities is much older and extended through various projects, activities and events.


Core objective:

The Office was created in order to support the various Romanian organisations, companies, interest-groups for achieving a better representation of their interests and an efficient inter-communication with European Institutions and the European networks, to which EUROLINK – House of Europe in Romania is affiliated. In this respect, we are directly connected to European Commission and European Parliament and to the most relevant European networks and platforms (Contact Group of the European Civil Society; EUROSTEP; CONCORDE; ECAS).


The Office co-operates with other departments of EUROLINK – House of Europe: the REGENT Centre, the EU PROCESS ACADEMY, the Hospitality Centre and the European Education Department.


Working style:

Through our Lobby Office, the representation of interests with political and administrative decision-makers will be practised in conformity with the EU and the USA model of lobbying (with the exception of the judiciary), in line with all democratic rules for any interested professional organisation, region, political party, company etc., to convey information directly to the responsible decision-makers in Brussels and enabling them to take this points into account in their decision-making process.


Our way to represent the interests of our partners is to contribute to decisions taken by politicians and civil servants through the provision of specific information on current processes, long term developments, and on the responsible decision-makers required for contributing to the decision-making process in a large variety of fields.


We represent the interests of our partners through the following components:

§          the procurement, selection and evaluation of information, able to give the represented organisation/company a competitive edge and prevent disadvantages versus the competition;

§          the direct or indirect influence exerted by an organisation/company on political and/or administrative decision-makers, such as Members of the European Parliament and public officials.


The representation of interests fulfills its mediating function in two ways:

  • contributes the skills and interests of organisations/companies to the political decision-making process;

  • provides information and sensitises themselves to political developments, relevant in their area of activity.

In all, in our vision, the representation of interests has to improve the quality of decisions taking on both political and corporate level. The Lobby Office has mainly a Public Relations/guiding role, being first of all a “grass-root lobbying” instrument. It also acts as an initiator of complex cultural events of larger public interest.

In the same time, as the professional representation of interests is mainly a corporate service, offered in the European Single Market, the Lobby Office is financially supported and closely co-operates with the group of highly professional consultants and lawyers, reunited within the Phaeton Gala Ltd, connected to key decision-makers in Bucharest, Brussels and Strasbourg.

Up-coming event:


Misiune Oficiala de Documentare, Training si Lobby la Institutiile Uniunii Europene de la Bruxelles

  Bruxelles, 23-27 iunie 2006

  Mai multe detalii ...



Tel./fax: (+4021) 230.49.97; 319.82.38

Mobile: (+4) 0741.065.240; 0729.665.825

E-mail: info@houseofeurope.ro; phaeton@hospitalitycentre.ro 

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