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The Central European Advocacy for a Fair and Transparent Competition (CEFTAC) Platform was established under the aegis and with the kind support of the PHARE Programme of the European Commission, following the first edition of the European Conference on Competition and Competitiveness (Constanta, 7-10 October 2004), in the presence and with the support of the high representatives of the European Commission, OCDE, Romanian Competition Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and of other competition regulatory bodies from Romania and the New Member States.

The CEFTAC Platform is designed to be an interface between different key actors in the competition field, from the regulatory specialized authorities as the Competition Council and the DG Competition of the European Commission, to the business environment represented by companies, employer confederations, professional associations and the governmental / non-governmental organisations.

The Platform is aimed to monitor the harmonisation of the legislation in the field of competition and to advocate in favour of a competitive environment for the whole region. The Central-European CEFTAC Platform offers concrete solutions to the business environment, in its position as:

FACILITATOR of public relations and of a more transparent exchange of information;
CATALYST of the communication flow between the Competition Council on the one side, and the business companies, employers’ and professional organizations that are preparing to fully enter the European Single Market, on the other side;
Advocate for imposing a new ethical conduct between the Competition Council and the companies;
MEDIATOR that will contribute to the prevention and settlement of litigious situations that could affect the stability, credibility and profitability of the companies, knowing in advance and directly from the source the different legal and implementing trespassing of the laws;  
initiator in supporting the managerial transformation of the companies after privatisation, mergers or in avoiding the hyper-concentrations and the accusations of adopting cartel politics on the market, as well as in the fight against unfair competition (see the training sessions to be organised by EUROLINK under the CEFTAC Platform at Timisoara, Sibiu and Ploiesti);
on-line CONSULTANT that will offer, with the support of its official partners, assistance and real implementation through the complex legislation, for all member companies;
LOBByist through its free-lance consultants that will represent specific interests and relationship of the Romanian INTEREST GROUPS related to the European institutions, which already take and will further take crucial decisions for their activity on the European Single Market.

The CEFTAC Platform will promote and support a large variety of actions and events devoted to the acceleration of implementing the acquis communautaire and a faster integration of CEE companies within the European Single Market, respecting the rules, orientations and policies enforced by the EU.

The Internet Platform is structured on the following main chapters/sections:
Project history : motivation and main issues of the project; guidelines for enforcing
deterrent and transparency policies.
Partners : presentation of the co-founding Official Partners and Sponsors of the CEFTAC Platform.
Conference : event organised in Constanta (October 2004), which consisted of a three-days conference focused on competition and competitiveness issues.
Seminar : presentation of the events organised by the CEFTAC Platform.
CEFTAC Trophies : first edition of the awarding ceremony of the CEFTAC Platform Trophies, organised on the occasion of the European Seminar.
Special Report : a synthesis of main observations, practical conclusions, recommendations and priorities resulting from the works of the European Conference on Competition and Competitiveness.

Lobby Office : project aimed to support the various Romanian organisations, companies, interest-groups for achieving a better representation and inter-communication with European Institutions.

Competition news : monitoring the main news on competition issues of the Romanian newspapers and other relevant regional publications; presentation of important events, training sessions, controversial issues; publication of press releases, announcements, and various reports on competition.
CEE Forum : an open and inter-active area for discussions, observations, questions, focused debates on the competition field in CEE region.
Consultancy and Legal Advice : a corner reserved to replies to the members and visitors, providing orientations and essential recommendations regarding the regulation and implementation of competition, advocacy for a fair and transparent competition, improvement of the competition culture, the role and the competencies of various agencies dealing with competition, the ways to involve the Economic and Social Councils, employer confederations and professional associations in the promotion of competitiveness in the region.
Good practices : promotion of best practices and exchanges of experience and achievements in the fields of regulation, inspection and advocacy related to the competition field; presenting methods and measures within the process of privatisation and deregulation.
Success stories : the presentation of prevention policies of the unfair competition and solutions given to various issues related to anti-trust policies/issues in CEEC to serve as a documentation basis; the ongoing improvement of the legislation and its related implementation regarding the CEE competition.

Hospitality Centre : project aimed to support Romania’s upcoming accession to the EU, and afterwards the implementation of the integration process into the Single Market together with the sustainable regional development, according to the European model.

Useful Links : DG Competition – European Commission, Global Competition Forum, Euroactiv, OCDE, International Competition Network, the Council of Foreign Investors in Romania, the Romanian Competition Council, the Italian Competition Council, other Competition Authorities etc.

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