Hospitality Centre for European and International Consultants

organized under the patronage of EUROLINK - House of Europe 

a non-profit program of information, assistance and counseling, designed for European counselors and experts which are working in programs financed by Pre-Structural Funds.

The Project is aimed to support Romania’s upcoming accession to the EU, and afterwards the implementation of the integration process into the Single Market together with the sustainable regional development, according to the European model. The Project also takes into account the anticipation of the future process of accession to the OECD, which will imply the overall transformation of management conduct and development policies, in order to be in accordance with the transformations of the global system.

A great number of consultants, trainers, lecturers, assistants work on periods between 3 and 12 months on projects in Romania. Thus, the creation of a Hospitality Centre for this specialized and large target group would be a solution to support the quick and full accommodation of these consultants and experts from the professional, social, cultural aspects.

The kind of information and assistance to be provided by the Centre:

  • transportation from airport and welcoming protocol;

  • accommodation and other tourist services;

  • real estate;

  • guiding, translation and accompany;

  • legal consultancy and notary public services;

  • reservation to shows, entertainment and cultural programmes;

  • free time activities;

  • baby-sitting;

  • service for the accommodation and domestic equipment.

Any person or institution from the target group, who is interested to become a member of the Centre will benefit from a welcome offer, with no need of any other formalities.

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