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  Proposed topics for debate  
The CEFTAC Platform is planning to launch a series of training sessions on a variety of practical issues related to the implementation of the anti-trust legislation. In view of including on the agenda of the practical issues faced by managers and enterprisers, we kindly invite you to debate the following topics.

There are many competition experts who agreed that competition is the spice, however, if you make the spice the whole meal, you get sick. Do you think that competition tends to become in Romania an exaggerated outcome more than a necessary measure of the economic activity?

How will Romanian judge cope with the new and till now obscure application of European competition law?

Is it enough the existent competition judicial procedure before the courts (administrative law) or there’s a necessity for a special new judicial procedure?

Could we talk in Romania already about a branch of competition law separate from commercial law in general?

Which are the main difficulties and obstacles connected to the implementation of the harmonised legislation in the field of competition, which should be reduced or eliminated through an intervention of the Romanian Competition Council and of the European Commission, and through legislative improvements proposed to the Romanian Parliament?

Which are the training needs of your managers and employees in view of the further adaptation of your company to the requirements of the Single Market (anti-trust compliance programs), aimed to a more strict implementation of the competition legislation?

Which are the reasons that obstruct most of the Romanian companies to respect the  provisions and regime of competition?

We are looking forward to receive your suggestions and proposals at: ceftac@houseofeurope.ro.

If your messages are also of interest for the general public, a relevant selection of them will be available in this section. We also encourage the members of the Platform to propose new topics for future debates and to present potential cases of infringement or lack of interest regarding a full and efficient implementation of the Romanian and European legislation in the field of competition.

The "Competition News" section also contains a selection of most interesting news regarding the EU legislation and standards in the field of competition and competitiveness.

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